2222 - Microphone Cable, 2 Pair 28 AWG, TC

2222 - Microphone Cable, 2 Pair 28 AWG, TC

2 Twisted Pairs, 28AWG stranded (19x40) silver plated copper alloy conductor , individually shielded with double serve and jacketed, solid polyolefin insulation, matte PVC Jacket. Balení: 76m
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14 252,28 Kč
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17 245,26 Kč
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1350SB - AES/EBU Digital Audio, 1 Pair 24 AWG, LSZH Jacket, CMG-LS, Shipboard ABS, 305m

Digital Audio Cable, Rated-CMG-LS, 1-24 AWG tinned copper pair, Datalene® insulation, overall Beldfoil® shield, drain, LSZH jacket. 305m

10 136,13 Kč
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Kód: 1350SB
1813A - Audio Cable, 2 Conductor 24 AWG, BC

Audio Cable, CM-Rated, 1-24 AWG stranded high-conductivity bare copper pair with PVC insulation, +90% bare copper spiral shield, PVC jacket Balení: 305m

14 078,80 Kč
na objednávku
Kód: 1813A
9452 - Microphone Cable, 1 Pair 24 AWG, TC

24 AWG stranded (19x36) HC TC conductors, high-density polyethylene insulation, twisted pair, noise reducing tape, Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage), 24 AWG stranded TC drain wire, PVC jacket. Balení: 305m

8 106,90 Kč
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Kód: 9452
1801BD - Audio Snake Cable, 2 Pair 24 AWG, TC, Individually Shielded, CMP

Digital Audio Snake Cable, Plenum-CMP, 2-24 AWG tinned copper pairs, foam FEP insulation, Flamarrest® jacket, Parallel construction Balení: 305m

56 235,90 Kč
na objednávku
Kód: 1801BD